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Writerly Wits

Mar 21, 2022 by Sarah Ray Schwarcz
Writerly Wits
That's an odd title - what does it mean?Sarah Schearcz

I can only be a writer if I am a writer.

Hogwash! You talk, text and email, don't you?  So, it's already in your bag of tricks.

Those are your Writerly Wits! Learn the process of writing your stories.

Think of five fabulous family stories that you love to tell. Gather any bits of writing that you saved throughout your life. Interview a family member or friend. Perhaps video the process.

Narrow the topic.  Pick an event, a year, a decade. Think about it. Jot down some notes, or funny stuff to be sure to tell or write. Photographs make a great starter!

Now it's your turn. What Writerly Writs you can get going on today?

Do you want to know mine? Check out my memoir, Pearls and Knots, to read about the memories I targeted and my Writerly Writs.. Get your copy of Pearls and Knots here.