Sarah Ray Schwarcz

Living somewhere between reality and fantasy, with a bit of magic sprinkled in for good measure


Jul 17, 2021 by Sarah Ray Schwarcz
"Why can't we be like a normal family?"

When twelve-year-old Jenny arrives home a week before school ends, she learns her summer plans have been turned upside down. Her brother Branch is missing, and she must compete in the TriTopTechRun in upstate New York.

She will need all her sassy traits, magical powers, jokes, and a bit of luck to keep her balance as she battles for Earth's survival against climate change and the evil ShrinkWithers. Connections are made and broken, and wits are challenged with real and fantastical dangers.

Fast-paced rollercoaster chapters with high suspense will keep the reader guessing. With time on the side of climate disaster, the ruthless ShrinkWithers may win this one. Will children be able to make a difference before it's too late? Will their quest prove you don't have to be old to be extremely clever? Who should they trust? Is it possible to grow up in two weeks? Is there a connection between a safety pin, an octopus tattoo, and a sesame seed? 

Wits and magic play equal roles throughout.

From the flying ninjas, hissing canisters, creepy, crawly basements and boathouses, to the undulating sand dunes—the family's trust, perseverance, and resilience will be the keys to their survival. Plus Olivia the Octopus is 'armed' to help!