Sarah Ray Schwarcz

Living somewhere between reality and fantasy, with a bit of magic sprinkled in for good measure

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Game Over, ShrinkWithers!
SKU: 978-1-7341968-2-5

Who stole our summer? We didn't ask to be chosen to defeat ruthless, terrifying, part-human forces who manipulate climate change to destroy our planet. Jenny knows she has some magical powers, but they are quite quirky. Branch knows he has lots of tech smarts, but he's just a kid, and this is a treacherous game simulation. Jenny's jokes and Branch's boasts help them battle for balance as they fight to save their parents. Are they already too late? Who should they trust? What will their score be? Will this be Earth's final round?


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Pearls and Knots - Dancing on a String from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan
SKU: 978-1-7341968-0-1

Keep on rowing! Pearls and Knots is a memoir of personal stories, written in essays and poetry, on a mission to encourage readers to capture their own family moments and to write them to share. Sometimes gripping, sometimes soothing, always current and humorous, Sarah Schwarcz’s lifelong tales will hook your imagination and heart. In Dubuque, Iowa, you will sit with her, sipping warm coffee on a porch overlooking the Mississippi, and then scrunch into a fifth-grade classroom desk in the inner city of Chicago, where she taught for many years. The pearls in her life kept her going. The knots in her life made the pearls even more precious and revered. Reflection and resilience are her lifejackets.


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