Sarah Ray Schwarcz

Living somewhere between reality and fantasy, with a bit of magic sprinkled in for good measure

Sarah Ray Schwarcz

“Laughter is my nourishment!”

After spending a wondrous career learning and laughing with children, Sarah now devotes time to writing. From her award winning memoir, PEARLS AND KNOTS – DANCING ON A STRING FROM THE MISSISSIPPI TO LAKE MICHIGAN, to poetry to an exciting children’s action adventure series combating climate change, she uses the power of laughter to explore our effect on the world around us.

Sarah now resides near Lake Michigan where she is working on the next installment in the GAME OVER SHRINKWITHERS children’s survival adventure series. Her tiny dachshund, Winston, supervises her time-on-task, making sure she takes long walk breaks, and always packs treats in her pockets.

With great writing buddies, a fabulous critique group of experienced writers, plenty of sharpened pencils and ink-drippy pens, Sarah is proof that it's never too late to catch your dream.

Living in the Chicago area, she is fortunate to have many opportunities to learn from outstanding authors and writing coaches over the past decade. Sarah is a member of the longest running writing group in the country, Off Campus Writers Workshop, a weekly oasis that now numbers 450 writers. Sarah has been published in both their anthologies: Overcoming (2013) and Turning Points (2021).

The July, 2020 Book Excellence Awards Review describes Pearls and Knots as "a truly uplifting memoir that showcases the power of the human spirit in its ability to persevere and thrive. From the very first page, the story draws you in and tugs at your heartstrings. Sarah writes in a way that is both deeply personal and universal and her writing will make you feel as though you are living and breathing each moment with her."