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Your Seven Steps for Writing a Memoir

Oct 11, 2021 by Sarah Ray Schwarcz

People ask me how I wrote my memoir, Pearls and Knots. How did I start? How did I capture the memories and present it in a logical and appealing read?
Find Your Memory
I would say it's easy, but that would be lying. Writing a memoir, writing any book, takes serious effort and dedication from researching and writing the content… to marketing it so your book makes it into the hands of an audience like you.

Some Days are Top-Down... Some are Bottom-Up.
Try Taking a Different Angle on an Event or Memory.

It also can deliver such a fantastic outcome too. That’s why I do it.  Here are my seven easy (or, not so easy) steps for writing a memoir:

  • Catch a Memory
  • Write It Down
  • Edit - Edit - Edit
  • Share It Aloud
  • Catch Another
  • Write It as Memoir?
  • ​Write It as Fiction?

Do you have a copy of my memoir, Pearls and Knots? I've saved a copy just for you here.