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The Middle Grade Fantasy

May 20, 2020 by Sarah Ray Schwarcz

As soon as my memoir is tucked safely on the shelves, I will take a sharp right turn back to Fantasy.
It's just over that hill
Just Over That Hill!

Set in upstate New York, this mystery fantasy is written for middle graders who like to use their imaginations. It weaves memory and its many roads and byways into a fun family quest, with a bit of a scare. It is almost finished.

At this point in my writing, I still have not decided on a title! Titles are always such fun for me.

So, it's a puzzle why this one keeps escaping. I am exercising great patience while waiting for the exact-perfect-outstanding-clever title to hit my brain in the middle of the night, or the break of dawn, and I can apply it to the book.      


Editor's Update: My new fantasy is now out I'm proud to say. A perfect book for middle graders who want to use their imagination. Get your copy of Game Over, ShrinkWithers!  here today.