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Every Good Change

Jun 19, 2020 by Sarah Ray Schwarcz

We are way out of our comfort zones in 2020, facing challenges beyond belief. We never thought we'd be living on a real pandemic 'movie set'. It would be so nice to hear a director shout, "CUT!" We could all scurry away, with these horrid events fading from our minds as we drove home to our families.The Bridge to What's Next

The hardest parts? Keeping all of us safe from the virus, and keeping our younger population safe from the psychological effects of the virus. No corner of the world has been unaffected, no corner of a family has been able to avoid the extreme upheaval in health, education, business, jobs, and finances.

The new normal? The new normal is that there is no normal. Okay, now what?

Concurrent with the medical virus is our racial 'virus', still rampant in our lives. Periodically, good people have attempted to combat this scourge, yet it remains part and parcel of society's behavior. Passed down in families who need to find others less worthy, discrimination is taught in the home, and reinforced in many of our institutions designed to help and protect. 

If we take this time of great upheaval to look hard at our beliefs and actions, and we then decide to make changes in our behavior and gather with others to effect true equality for all, think what a difference we can make.

Cross that bridge — out of your comfort zone.