Sarah Ray Schwarcz

Living somewhere between reality and fantasy, with a bit of magic sprinkled in for good measure

Around the World in Eighty Years

Nov 12, 2019 by Sarah Ray Schwarcz

Dubuque Senior High SchoolWhen you exit these doors for the last time, you can imagine your future, but it's all fantasy...

Until you learn to start taking it one day at a time, trying to keep your balance — trying never to stand up in your tipsy boat.

As a student I loved school, hated homework, played viola in the orchestra, and snare drum in the band, marching to Floyd Rundle's perfect beat, and Coach John Orr's perfect basketball games on the weekends.

I was always most comfortable in school, so I made them my setting for my lifelong journey, and what a journey it's been...

How about your journey?